1. How to get started with LesstoLoad.com ?

Answer : Register as member with LesstoLoad.com today and get started. Refer to our video tutorial for more info.

2. What product that I can ship with LesstoLoad.com?

Answer : Lesstoload.com LCL business is mainly shipping general cargo that are not perishable, frozen, hazardous, or anything categorized under dangerous goods under the online booking facilities. Please contact us if your cargo contains the restricted cargo policy of LCL for Lesstoload.com for further handling.

3. How do I know if my payment got through?

Answer : Upon confirmation, you will see the confirmation page which will include a booking number with a "Confirmed" status. A confirmed booking will also be sent to the email you used to make your booking. Alternatively, you can logon to "My Account" to review your booking or contact our Call Centre to check the status of your booking.

4. How do I change my LesstoLoad member settings and contact details?

Answer : Login with your member ID and go to "Edit Account" to make amendments to your profile. Important: Always save the changes that you have made.

5. What should I do if my booking status is 'Pending'?

Answer : Logon back later on Booking History to verify the status of the booking and monitor your mailbox for the confirmation email. There are few reason why you booking is under 'Pending' Status:-

a) Payment selection via Cash Deposit through CDM/Over the bank counter - require copy of bank in slip fax to our Customer Service Centre within 48 hours before confirmation booking is release.

b) Payment selection via Cheque Payment - require 72 hours working days (excluding weekend/public holidays fall in between) to be clear before confirmation booking is release.

Important: Please do monitor you Order History Status and call our Customer Service Centre to check on your payment status to avoid any delay or release of booking after the payment period is expired.

6. What is LesstoLoad's cancellation policy if a booking is cancelled or rescheduled due to uncertain situation happened to the shipping liner & no payment received after permitted payment period?

Answer : In the event of a booking cancellation or rescheduling, you will be given the following option based on below events:

a) For confirmed payment: Client will able to retain the value of the booking for next schedule date without additional charges.

b) For non-confirmed payment after permitted payment period: Client's booking order will be released for general bookings with consideration written form are sent to us before booking is being cancel & release.

7. How will I find out if there is a flight delay/retime/reschedule?

Answer : In the event of a booking reschedule, we will contact you in advance to inform you of the change, either by email or via phone call.

Important: Please make sure that you insert your contact details accurately to ensure that we are able to contact you timely.

8. Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

Answer : Once your booking payment is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled and the payment you made is not refundable. Please contact our Customer Service Team for further handling.

9. What is LesstoLoad Booking Payment Policy?

Answer : a) Payment via credit card/online transfer - LesstoLoad will confirmed the booking immediately.

b) Payment via bank-in over the bank counter or Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) - Permitted Payment Period - Payment to LesstoLoad.com within 24 hours of booking order.

c) Payment via cheque - Permitted Payment Period - Payment to LesstoLoad.com within 72 hours of booking order to allow payment clearance.

d) For Cheque & Cash Payment, please note that Reminder via email will be send through your corresponding email.

Important: Please upload your payment slip to LesstoLoad.com via "My Account" > My Order # [number] Notification: LesstoLoad reserved the right to release the booking without notification if no payment are secured after the permitted payment period for each transaction.

10. What is Administrative Fee?

Answer : An administrative fee is charged when payment is made through credit, debit/charge cards or online transfer mode. The fee is charged for each successful transaction.

11. How do I measure my cubic meter size for uniform and non-uniform size?

Answer :Kindly refer to the link here :- How to measure

12. Does LesstoLoad Booking have a minimum booking size?

Answer : Yes, to be part of LesstoLoad booking facilities, client are advise to have minimum 1 cubic meter size (min - 1m3) to book with us. To avoid disappointment, please measure your cargo size and weight in advance before starting your bookings. More details under Term & Conditions.

13. Do I have a maximum load for 1m3 booking and what if I do have and excess weight for 1m3?

Answer :Yes, we have set 1 m3 maximum load weight is 500kg (Weight charges is FOC) Any excess more than 501kg as per declared during booking will be charge: Per kg = RM1.00


Undeclared weight policy:

For those excess weight that not declared accurately, LesstoLoad will reserve the rights to imposed penalty plus the excess charges on a separate invoices.

Charges Calculation are as follow actual weight is not declared properly:-

Example Calculation:-

Penalty Exceeding Weight from actual declaration Penalty  
> 25kg 50   excess weight x RM1.00   (Penalty + Excess Weight)
> 50kg 100 + =
> 100kg 100    

Under-declared size policy:

For those booking under-declared sizes, Lesstoload will reserve the rights to imposed excess charges on separate invoices charge to sender/customer. The Company is charging for actual size declared. Every additional cubic metre will incur additional charges of Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred and Twenty Only per cubic meter (RM120.00 per m3) if measurements are found different from actual size declared in the booking details.

14. What if I have overpay for my booking? Is there any refund policy?

If there is an overpayment during cash deposit payment, your excess will be retain with our accounting book for record. Customer may request for credit refund if excess credit accumulate and meet minimum RM20.00 and above per refund. For more information, please call our Customer Service to assist further.